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-- TAX --

Since 1978, I have been licensed to practice before the United States Tax Court. I was lead counsel and received a favorable taxpayer decision in the seminal change of accounting case entitled "RACMP v. Commissioner" which was decided en banc by the United States Tax Court. 

I assist clients, their general attorneys, in‑house controllers, or certified public accountants at the audit, post-audit, appellate conferee, or Tax Court stage. 

I can assist, coordinate, and consult strategically on your behalf, negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service, or try the case before the Tax Court. 

I regularly appear before the United States Tax Court at the San Francisco trial setting and have handled tax‑related issues at both the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal.

I assist in both civil and criminal tax fraud issues, offshore issues, and unreported or underreported income at all levels. 



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