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Links to "The Business Advantage" Newsletter Articles

Asset Preservation: Legal Strategies Which Protect Against Future Lawsuits  Issue 1

Limited Liability Companies: Best of Both Worlds Issue 2

IRS More Willing Than Ever to Settle for Partial Tax Payment Issue 2

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Family Limited Partnerships Issue 3

Living Wills: Worthy & Flawed Issue 3

Specialized Trust Vehicles - "What's In a Name?" Issue 4

Recordkeeping for the 21st Century Issue 4

Congressional Support for Flat Tax Builds Issue 4

'Financial Status' Audit can Lead to Big Problems Issue 5

New Business Checklist Issue 5

OBRA Restricts Access to Medi-Cal Funds: Part 1 Issue 6

Gifts Made Under Power of Attorney Held Valid Issue 6

OBRA Restricts Access to Medi-Cal Funds: Part 2  Issue 7

Tax Angles of Selling a Home Issue 7

Asset Protection Planning:  Shielding Yourself From the Litigation Explosion  Issue 8

Health Care Considerations:  Child Care Power of Attorney Issue 9


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